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You are an innovative tech startup with strong scaling potential. We offer funding, a strong network and growth support. Together we reach for the stars


of startups have to make do with <150 k€ external funding

56 hours

of founders' work & taking pride in their work


average employees / startups

You are ...

An innovative, scalable tech startup that

  • Has a customer ready product or service with a proven strong product-market-fit
  • Has established initial customer traction and shows early signs of rapid scaling (hypergrowth)
  • Is achieving solid unit economics
  • Is built on a capable and cohesive team with a spark, a plan and the necessary grit to pull it off
  • Is demonstrating a rapid learning curve and is well equipped to scale

DVC is ...

… offering fast & dependable startup and growth funding for innovative, digitally enabled and scalable early-stage companies:

  • Access to funding of typically €2-10M with the opportunity for follow-up investments across a multiple year funding period
  • An entrepreneurial mindset. Investors that have backbone and don‘t think they know better
  • A fast initial response and a quick, no-nonsense investment decision process
  • We act as a growth booster that offers a broad network and business expertise to solve issues and accelerate growth
  • We develop early-stage businesses from the startup stage to PE and IPO readiness

Together ...
we reach for the stars


  • Engage industry & functional experts
  • Provide functional expertise as needed (strategy & growth, sales & marketing, tech & ops, finance & controling, HR & recruiting)
  • Support you in fair and foul weather conditions to solve issues before they become problems
  • Continue to invest and prepare you for a potential exit 

How does it work?
A fair & fast process

A professional and speedy process to secure value-based investment decisions:

  • Case submission: You submit the information about your venture including your pitch deck and business case. DVC provides a quick initial response typically within 48 hours.
  • Initial screening: We meet and get to know each other. We talk about your business and perform an initial screening vs. our invest criteria. We get independent perspectives from experts and have an initial discussion with you about potential terms.
  • Due diligence: We perform an expert due diligence on commercial, technical, operational and financial aspects and evaluate your venture vs. our investment criteria. We check for potential legal, tax, governance and sustainability issues. We agree on terms and come to an investment decision.
  • Deal: We sign and notarize the necessary legal documents and shake hands on a deal. This is the start and not the end of our joint journey.

Our 10 point assessment
Your full potential revealed

We evaluate investment opportunities along 10 dimensions, where it is clear that nobody is perfect and there is no single path to happiness. Rather our intent is to understand your business and its full potential:

  • Idea: How convincing is your business idea, product and/or service offered? Does it address a real customer need?
  • Market, Customers, Competition: How well is your venture positioned in the market, towards customers and versus competition?
  • USP: Does your venture offer a substantial, differentiated & defendable value proposition?
  • Team: How strong is the founding and leadership team?
  • Ops Model: How effective are the operating model, processes & technology? How fast is the learning curve?
  • Growth plan: How clear, ambitious & realistic is your growth plan? What are core milestones? How big is the scaling opportunity?
  • Legal setup: Is the legal setup sound & appropriate? How big are the legal or regulatory risks? Any sleeping dogs?
  • Financials: How attractive and realistic is the financial structure and outlook? Are the unit economics healthy and scalable?
  • Risks & opportunities: What are core business risks & opportunities?
  • Investment terms: Are the investments terms clear and fair?

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If you want to let us know about a potential investment opportunity, please submit the venture profile using the form on the right. Or send us a mail to If possible please include a compelling pitch deck and your business case. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your data and can expect an initial response from us within 48 hours.